Professional coaching with Shannon Small


Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is an investment in the success of key employees.  I partner with leaders ranging in title from Manager to CEO, to help them be even more effective in their current role, or to help them effectively expand the scope of their role. Executive Coaching programs are sponsored by the organization and typically include six to nine months of individual coaching and a series of meetings with organizational sponsors.


Leadership Development Programs


As start-ups and smaller organizations grow, leaders are often tasked to deliver professional development to a broader audience without additional capacity to create and/or deliver the content themselves.  I partner with organizations to create and deliver programs designed specifically for them.  I have created my own content for use in smaller organizations that would like to rapidly increase their leaders’ knowledge and demonstrate an investment in their professional development. Content addresses topics such as: Leveraging Personal Strengths for Effective Teams, Coaching for Improved Performance, Effective and Strategic Communication, Conducting and Contributing to Effective Meetings, Fostering Creative Problem-Solving.